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 The department of Life Sciences is one of the vibrant and happening departments of the University with specialisations in biochemistry, microbiology, and human physiology.  The varied information requirement of its stakeholders is fulfilled by the department library. The Department of Life Sciences library, one of the finest libraries among the department libraries, was established in 1979 and acts as a support system in teaching, learning, and research activities with a wide variety of information resources, facilities, and services.

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  The department library maintains a good collection of documents including encyclopedias, reference books, textbooks, etc as per the university curriculum of microbiology, human physiology, and biochemistry. At present, the library holds a collection of 2955 books with 1013 unique titles, Ph D theses, Mphil theses, dissertations, lab manuals, protocols and bound volumes of periodicals. Books are arranged according to DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification System ), a scientific scheme of classification, and catalogued according to AACR II. The library runs in Integrated Library Management System Koha.


The faculty members, students, and technical assistants are the members of the library. The students of other science departments may use the library for reference by producing recommendation letters from their concerned head of the department.


  The department library offers the following services,

  • Document lending
  • Reference Services
  • Library Orientation
  • Personal assistance in searching and locating
  • Print facility
  • Digital library services
  • Remote Access

 Digital Library

The whole university department libraries and the central library works as a Unified Library System. The bibliographic records, digital resources, and other documents are available through the discovery access tool designed in VuFind and can be accessed via the link:  https://find.uoc.ac.in/.   The housekeeping operations of the library system are run in Koha under a single server. The resource sharing among the central library and department libraries is possible through the integration and remote access facilities. An Institutional Repository is also there, designed in D Space.

The library looks forward to embracing new technology and application in providing better services to the research aspirants of the academic community. The services can also be extended to society for furthering the dimensions of the department.

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