Seminar and Workshops


Seminar/ Workshops/ Webinars

No Name of the workshop/ seminar Date
1 One day Training programme for school biology teachers on microscopy in association of Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad, Malappuram. 10-08-2016
2 Frontier lecture by Dr.Sajish Mathew “tRNA synthetase as modulators of stress signalling and Novel  transcriptors in metabolic disorders 22-08-2016
3 Prof.Dr.VKSasidharan Endowment talk by Dr.Chirsthunesa Soundararaj on  “Overcoming the selective permeability of blood brain barrier -  current strategy. 14-03-2017
4 Children’s Science Congresssponsored by the Kerala State Science Technology and Environment on the topic “World of Microbes” 20-04-2017
5 Two days national seminar “Trends in Microbiology” 26-09-2017
6 Sasthrayaan of RUSA exhibiting the facilities to the general public. 16-01-2018
7 Workshop on techniques and processesses in biological and therapeutic research. 19-07-2018
8 Erudite invited lecture sponsored Kerala  Higher Education Council. Prof. Ajay Goel -‘Non-coding RNA biomarkers in gastrointestinal cancers: Where do we stand?' 18-02-2020
9 Tracking criminals using behavioral sciences: Application of digital forensics technologies 26-05-2020
10 Digitization of evidences from the crime scene 27-05-2020
11 Recent advancements in digital forensics 28-05-2020
12 Automation of digital evidence processing 29-05-2020
13 Application of revolutionary biochip array technology in Forensic Toxicology 30-05-2020
14 HPTLC and Forensic Applications 30-05-2020
15 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 05-06-2020
16 The Rise of Evidence-Based Policing 08-06-2020
17 The use of non-invasive, contactless digital autopsy in post mortem examination of COVID-19 death, the United Kingdom coronial service experience 11-06-2020
18 Forensics the missing link in the combat against wildlife crime 15-06-2020
19 Social media addiction and mental health 18-06-2020
20 Applied Criminology 24-06-2020
21 Evidence Multistat- A fully automated analyser to detect New Psychoactive substances and Roadside drug testing 27-06-2020
22 Enhancing and Analyzing Video Evidence 28-06-2020
23 End to end Automated DNA Forensic solutions and Databasing 04-07-2020
24 Detection of deception through modern forensic psychological investigation techniques’ 05-07-2020
25 Procedural Justice and Legitimacy in Policing 06-07-2020
26 Blockchain in Case Management 11-07-2020
27 Firearms Examination and Identification- An overview 11-07-2020
28 Maximize your forensic lab efficiency with advances to capillary electrophoresis (CE) workflow 17-07-2020
29 Psychological Autopsy 18-07-2020
30 Community Policing 21-07-2020
31 Rapid DNA technology for time-sensitive investigations 11-09-2020
32 Current status of Covid-19 Research and Epidemiology” by Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Developmental Studies (RGIDS) 19-11-2020
33 Crime scene investigation and evidence recognition: Practical experience 30-11-2020
34 Criminology- Transforming Theory into Practice 30-12-2020
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