Biochemistry Research Group1


Dr. B.S. Harikumaran Thampi

Research Supervisor


Kishore Haridas M

Qualification: M.Phil

Title: Studies on the fibrinolytic properties of Cuttle fish ink fluid, purification and characterization of the novel protease

Fellowship: University



 Liji P

Qualification: M.Sc. Biochemistry

Title: The anti-proliferative activity of butyric acid derivatives in colon cancer cell lines.

Fellowship: --


Rajendran N.S

Qualification: M.Sc. Biochemistry, NET

Title: Extraction, characterization and grading of pectin from underground stem, pith and peel of banana

Fellowship: Part-time



Rinju R

Qualification: MSc Biochemistry

Title:Studies on the production of value added products from the pineapple plant agro-waste.



Chithra Pillai

Qualification: MSc Biochemistry

Title:Nutritional and biochemical characterization of some selected varieties of rice (Oryza sativa L.) found in Kerala.



Mohammed Areej E.M

Qualification: MSc Biochemistry, NET

Title:Biochemical studies on dietary goiterogenic anions in rats.

Fellowship: Part-time

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