Dr. G Radhakrishna Pillai

 RG Pillai

Dr. G. Radhakrishna Pillai

Assistant Professor,
Department of Life Sciences
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Office Address: Department of Life Sciences,
University of Calicut, 673635

Residence Address:C12,
Calicut University Campus, Kohinoor, 673635

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Qualifications: MSc (Zool), PhD (Biochem), MSc (Bioinfo- Univ of London), BEd, LLB, PGCE (Univ of London), SLTP (Imperial College London),

Specialization: Biochemistry, Stem cell technology, Ethnopharmacology

Honors & Awards : UGC NET, CSIR SRF, CRUK Fellowship, ACTION Research Fellow, UCSD Fellow

Membership/Professional Affiliations:

  1. Member Board of Governors of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Trivandrum
  2. Member, Syndicate of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Trivandrum
  3. Chair, Human Ethical Committee, Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research, Ahmedabad
  4. Visiting Professor, Institute of Medical Education, Kirgistan
  5. Trustee, Havelock Family Center, London, UK
  6. Trustee, Global Development Aid Trust, London, UK

Project Handled

  1. Student projects on various topics – four project carried out already Funding agency: KSCSTE, Government of Kerala,From: 2015 to current
  1. Augmentation of proliferation, mobilisation, homing and differentiation of stem cells for regenerative therapy using phyto-ethno pharmaceuticals.Funding agency: University Grants Commission, India, Amount: 3 lakhs.  From, 2017
  1. Investigations on the development of effective Biogas technology for the high ranges of Kerala- a translational project using biotechnology for the benefit of tribals of Wayanad. Fundign agency: Westernghat cell, Department of Planning and Economic affairs, Government of Kerala.Amount: 10 Lakhs
  1. Influence of food and exercise on the performance of School children.Funding agency: Ealign Council, UK. Amount: 5 Lakhs   From 2010
  1. Assisted learning and development in school children.Fundign agency: Ealign Council, UK.Amount: 6 Lakhs.  From 2009
  1. Influence of traditional food on cardiac function and health.Fundign agency: British Heart Foundation.Amount: 2 Lakhs. From 2008
  1. Potentiate femina.Funding agency: Big Lottery Fund UK. Amount: 10 Lakhs . From: 2008
  1. Pharmacokinetic studies of BGCG in cancer therapy.Fundign agency: CR UK. Amount: 90 Lakhs. From 2005
  1. Investigations on the suppression of transplant rejection using viral proteins. Funding agency: Action Research. Amount: 60 Lakhs. From 2002
  1. Investigations on the Bioremediation of Gold Industry effluents by microbes. Funding agency: UGC India. Amount: 6 Lakhs
  1. Protective effect of eat shock proteins on cardiomyocytes.Funding agency: STEC, Government of Kerala. Amoutn : 2 Lakhs. From 1996


Books Authored: 3,

Journals: 36.

Workshops and Conferences: 25

Membership in University Academic Bodies:

Life member- Society Biological Chemists –India

Life Member- Indian Society of Comparative Animal Physiology

Member-British Society of Immunology

LinkedIn Profile Link- if any: www.linkedin.com/in/radhakrishna-pillai-9235b0a9

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